Kimberly Mayberry

Kimberly is a freelance writer and award winning editor, empath, and an independent paranormal investigator. She is also a retired executive managing editor and retired professional book reviewer. Kimberly is currently working on writing her own books and has several works-in-progress--ranging from Dark Paranormal Erotic Romance to Teen/YA. She also enjoy reading and helping her fellow authors promote their books and giveaways.


Kimberly owns and operates a Book Promotions page on Facebook called The Pimpettes It is an open posting forum for all things book related. Authors, Publishers, Readers, Bloggers, and anyone that loves books, are highly encouraged to post anything book related directly on the page. This is a FREE service to those in the Publishing Industry and Readers.

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Head Over Wheels: Spicy Young Romance

Head Over Wheels: Spicy Young Romance - January Valentine This was a thoroughly enjoying read. Just enough action, adventure, romance, and spice. Another book from January Valentine that I can highly recommend!

Wheel Wolf: Werewolf Horror

Wheel Wolf - January Valentine I cannot recommend Wheel Wolf enough if you are looking for a horror story that is entertaining and exciting to read! I just loved the plot, characters, and writing style of this author. Kudos!

To Have (The Dumont Diaries, #1)

To Have (The Dumont Diaries, #1) - Alessandra Torre To Have is a great read if you want something fast and entertaining. Although it is relatively slow in the beginning, the pace picks up when she meets Mr. Dumont. I particularly enjoyed their meeting and what ensues after that meeting. The agreement between the two is enticing, and does give one reason to ponder if said agreement was ever offered to oneself, would you sign it? I am excited to read the continuing books in this series, to see where the story progresses and the secrets Mr. Dumont has still to reveal in the new books, and the reason for thus said agreement.

Being Me (Inside Out Trilogy, #2)

Being Me (Inside Out Trilogy, #2) - Lisa Renee Jones Being Me (Inside Out Series #2) by Lisa Renee Jones ON SALE $1.99 for a LIMITED TIME!

Get the second book in this amazing series before the sale is over and the Television Series begins!

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Check out more books in this series here:
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Fetish - Sherri L. King Brilliant writing! This book! Yes, this book makes me shudder with delight every time I read it! I just want to crawl right into the pages and become the female lead! YUM!

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Being Me (Inside Out Trilogy, #2)
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